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IMPORTANT: The DelaWELL University Onsite Health Seminars are available to ALL State of Delaware agency, school district, charter school and higher education employees, as well as state pensioners. Due to limited seating accommodations, the onsite health seminars are NOT offered to spouses, dependents or participating group members (with the exception of University of Delaware and Delaware Transit Corporation employees).

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January 2015
Topic: Understanding Health and Exercise

Seminar Description: Few of us take advantage of the closest thing that we have to a magic bullet for preventing a myriad of health issues - exercise. It is hard to incorporate yet another time-consuming activity into our lifestyles, but research has shown that regular physical activity lengthens our lifespan. This workshop helps participants recognize that a good exercise program does not have to be vigorous and painful in order to achieve long-term health benefits.

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April 2015
Topic: Understanding Food and Nutrition

Seminar Description: With complex and conflicting information about nutrition being reported almost daily, it can be difficult to understand which foods are good or healthy for us and which are not. This workshop helps participants navigate the myriad of nutritional information available and weed through the myths and facts to create a sensible and healthy eating plan.

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